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About Adrenal Gland

About Adrenal Gland

In humans there are two adrenal glands one each on the left and right side. It is located just superior to the upper pole of the kidney. It weighs about 5gms each.В  It produces hormones like glucocorticoids, minerallocorticoids and sex hormones. The inner part of the adrenal gland is the adrenal medulla which produces epinephrines and nor epinephrines.

Adrenal gland can hypofunction or Hyperfunction. Hypofunction can occur after removal of adrenal glands at surgery or due to disease like tuberculosis or fungal infections. Hyperfunctioning can occur due to tumors. Most common presentation of these cases is hypertension which is difficult to control and it occurs in young patients.

The common tumors are:

  1. Aldosteronoma
  2. Cushings syndrome
  3. Pheochromocytoma
  4. Non functional adrenal incidentaloma
  5. Adrenal carcinoma

Important publications by Dr Pradeep in this area:

  1. PV Pradeep, SK Mishra. Preoperative preparation and surgical techniques in adrenal diseases. Annals of Endocrine Surgery 2006, 9(1): 34-38
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Doctor PV Pradeep is the first M.Ch qualified Endocrine Surgeon in South India who specializes in Thyroid Surgery, Parathyroidectomy and Adrenalectomy. He also consult on the matters related to Endocrine Pancreas, Diabetic Foot and Breast Disease.

He is the well known thyroid specialist in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

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  1. Pradeep PV, Vissa S. Follicular neoplasm involving one lobe of thyroid: is hemithyroidectomy the adequate initial procedure? Ir J Med Sci. 2012 Apr 11
  2. Pradeep PV, Jayashree B, Skandha S Harshita.A closer look at laryngeal nerves during thyroid surgery: A descriptive study of 584 nerves. Anat Res Int. 2012;2012:490390.

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  1. Gold Medal for the Best paper published by faculty from Narayana Medical College 2012
  2. ISS_SIC Travel Award 2009 by the International Surgical Society, Switzerland To attend & present paper at the 43rd World Congress of Surgery of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SURGERY ISS/SIC Adelaide, Australia, Sept 6-10, 2009

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Dr PV Pradeep
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